Energyflowe Limited is a bespoke energy brokerage and consultancy business. We deliver full and impartial professional advice to both our SME and Corporate clients.

We aim to undertake a full assessment and deliver highly competitive prices in a crowded marketplace where industry jargon and client confusion is not unusual.  As consultants, we strive to simplify and deliver these procedures.  We achieve this through our low-cost overhead and broad industry knowledge.

We have a client base which includes high volume printing companies, property management companies, sports clubs and institutions. We also manage energy for several large hotels, who see energy costs as a major threat to their profitability.

Call us today for a no-obligation discussion whereupon we look forward to reviewing your energy requirements.

We never cold call, all our clients are sourced through referrals

Charles Lowe

I’ve worked in the energy industry for a decade and seen many changes within this period of time; perhaps the biggest changes in customers’ perception & attitudes towards suppliers. Regulations changes, scrutiny from Ofgem and & Parliament (over successive Governments) has divided opinion in the eyes of the public & business communities.

Today, heading towards Brexit in 2019, the country is apprehensive over a multitude of changes which may affect their businesses.
Will suppliers continue to put their prices up? Are we in the best deal for our business? Are fixed or flexible rate contracts better suited for my business?



Questions of this nature and many more drivers are my key focus in communicating to wider business communities. Through active communication and dialogue along with regular Newsletters specific to topical questions, EnergyFlowe Ltd will provide updates on changes within the energy industry and how the latest technology, for example, will herald far bigger developments in the way energy is delivered to businesses and residential customers in the near future.

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